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Cotton/Polyester, stable, access possible from front/above/side, removable and waterproof shell with..
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scratch and roll, top section unscrews, can be filled with catnip== Features==KONG Cat Scratch Apple..
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stainless steel dish removable, indicates the feeding time, dishwasher-safe == Features==Melamine fe..
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Plush, with rattle and crackle noises, with catnip== Features==Kong Wubba Cat Mouse Cat toy ..
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Catnip oil for spraying onto the cat’s toy== Features==Cat Nip Spray 200 ml ..
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Polyester, with catnip and crackle noise, specially adapted to the needs of young cats, unsorted col..
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Polyester, washable at 30°C== Features==Cat Cave Brighton 43x43 cm Cat cavegrey ..
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Linen / Polyester, with catnip== Features==Cat Toy Fluffy Owlet Cat toy ..
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Faux suede, inside material: soft terry cloth, cushion reversible, polyester filling, non-slip botto..
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for extra fun while playing== Features==Catnip Shaker, 15 g ..
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EVA/Polyester/Cotton, dimensionally stable and robust, wide opening, ventilation window, washable, l..
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Polyester, washable transport bag for pets, the lying surface can be expanded significantly by means..
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Polyester, the filling can be completely removed thanks to zip fastenings,with plush trim, cover was..
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Polyester, with plush trim, folding, with toy, hand wash== Features==Cat cave Lille 50x35x55 cm Cat ..
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Nylon, Padding: Polyester, suitable for dogs up to a maximum weight of 8.0 kg, padded shoulder strap..
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Artificial Leather, with safety click== Features==Cat collar Softie Cat collarbeige ..
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Artificial Leather, with safety click, with reflecting address tag== Features==Cat Collar Swiss with..
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Polyester, reversible inner cushion, filling can be removed by using the zipper, cover washable at 3..
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Polyester, with plush, with zip, can be moulded into various shapes, hand wash== Features==Cat cave ..
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Cotton / Polyester, filling: polyester, reversible inner cushion, classic check, with plush trim, wi..
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Polyester, washable, can be folded to save space, with two large entry openings, large, practical ou..
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Melamine, dishwasher-safe, with heart print == Features==Melamine feeding bowl for cats "by Laura" 2..
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Nylon, with safety click, with reflecting motives== Features==Cat Collar Neon Cat collar Nylon orang..
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Polyester, protects the car from dirt and hair, simple handling, easy to clean, padded seat area, wi..
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Rope, hand-crafted, reversible inner cushion with Silver Plus and Bionic C6 coating, cover washable ..
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Melamine, dishwasher-safe, suitable for all standard wet food cans, air-tight closing possible== Fea..
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Elk leather, with safety click== Features==Cat collar Elk Cat collarchili, leather ..
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Polyester, with plush, removable inner cushion, hand wash, folds to also use as a bed== Features==Ca..
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Cotton / Polyester, filling: polyester, with plush trim, cushion reversible, washable at 30°C== Feat..
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Plush / Catnip, bear with catnip for refilling, with velcro fastener== Features==Cat Toy plush bear ..
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Cotton/Polyester, karabiner to secure the animal, washable at 30°C, up to a weight of 8.0 kg== Featu..
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Polyester / Cotton, washable at 30°C, with crinkling noises, straight or curved shape possible (play..
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Polyester, with reflective heart print== Features==Cat harness + leash "by Laura" Cat harness & leas..
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Silicone, stainless steel dish removable== Features==Cat Feeding Bowl with Silicone Pad 400 ml Cat f..
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Bison leather, with safty click== Features==Cat collar Cody Cat collarBison leather, dark brown ..
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with polyester filling and Catnip, 6x2 items== Features==Cat toy "by Laura" Cat toyFish, red, light ..
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elastic nylon material with reflecting thread, practical buckle== Features==Cat Collar Flashlight Ca..
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Melamine casing, removable stainless steel bowl== Features==Cat bowl Atlanta 160 ml Melamine feeding..
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Polyester, with catnip, with opening for filling the toy with catnip== Features==Cat toy KONG Refill..
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with Catnip== Features==Cat toy Mamou Fish Cat toyyellow, 12cm ..
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