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A single treatment of Harkamectin will help to control worms, lice and mites in racing and show pige..
Login for priceRRP:£14.79
Spartrix is a single dose treatment for canker in pigeons. Spartrix is presented in a handy tablet f..
Login for priceRRP:£27.49
Hormoform was launched in 1954, after 2 years of trials involving some of the UK's leading fanciers...
Login for priceRRP:£9.89
Ridmite contains a blend of silicones in a concentrated formula to eradicate red mite from lofts, co..
Login for priceRRP:£10.99
Loft Treatment is a dry powder disinfectant which inhibits the spread of disease-causing organisms t..
Login for priceRRP:£36.69
Harkers 3 in 1 Soluble is a flock treatment for coccidiosis, canker, roundworms and hairworms and is..
Login for priceRRP:£24.49
A flock treatment for the control of roundworms and tapeworms in pigeons. Easy to dose via the drink..
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Swing With Beads..
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Harkers Duramitex Plus For The Eradication Of Red MitesPesticide FreeSafe To Use In Chicken Coops, P..
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Natural Poultry Grit (Insoluble Grit) Is Essential For Hen'S Health As It Helps Grind Their Food Dow..
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Twin-Pack Chicken Home Blitz! Kills Poultry Red Mites! Easy To Use. As Used By Professionals. Also S..
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Natures Grub Ground Sanitising & Disinfecting Powder can be used in all areas of your poultry enclos..
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Iodised Condition Iodine, Grits, Seaweed Extract, Calcium, Yeast, Vitamins And Minerals, Etc. Also..
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Boredom Breaker Budgie & Canary Ladder W/Bell 9" 28903 ,Rosewood Pet Products Ltd,28903.Txt,Boredom ..
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Mixed Grit ~ A Mixture Of Soluble & Insoluble Grit To Assists Digestion, Shell Quality And General W..
Login for priceRRP:£4.25
Swing with bells..
Login for priceRRP:£3.10
Easy To Assemble Plastic Perches. Suitable For All Types Of Small Pet Bird Cages. Extend To Any Leng..
Login for priceRRP:£4.00
5 Step Wooden Ladder..
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Oval Shaped Wicker Nest..
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Coxoidcoxoid Is A Licensed Product And Is A Water Soluble Treatment For Coccidiosis (Going Light). ..
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Kagesan Sanded Sheets For Bird Cage Bases 55 X 30Cm, Sold By The Sheet..
Login for priceRRP:£0.36
M081 Packet Of 4Large Sized Sanded Perch Covers For Cockatiels, Parrots, Etc. Fit 1.9Cm Diameter P..
Login for priceRRP:£2.99
This New High Potency Liquid Supplement Is An Improvement To And Is Replacing Johnson'S Well Known S..
Login for priceRRP:£9.15
Harka-Verm Is A Liquid Wormer Effective Against Ringworm And Hairworm In Racing Pigeons And Cage Bir..
Login for priceRRP:£15.29
Pigeon Pickstones..
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Iodised Condition Iodine, Grits, Seaweed Extract, Calcium, Yeast, Vitamins And Minerals, Etc. Also..
Login for priceRRP:£1.39
Cage Cups ~ Available In A Variety Of Colours And Are Ideally Suited To A Wide Range Of Purposes...
Login for priceRRP:£1.40
For The Birds. A Multi-Vitamin And Mineral Conditioning Liquid To Aid Good Health And Vitality...
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Moultonea Special Tonic For Birds In The Moult. Helps To Restore Vitality, Aids Feathering And Promo..
Login for priceRRP:£2.69
M080 packet of 4 sanded perch covers for budgies and canaries. Special fine texture - helps keep nai..
Login for priceRRP:£1.99
Beaphar Anti-Parasite Spot On is an effective, veterinary strength medicine containing ivermectin to..
Login for priceRRP:£4.84
Birdbath for budgies etc...
Login for priceRRP:£9.00
Supa Cage Tidy Standard. To Be Attached To The Underside Of A Bird Cage To Catch Debris...
Login for priceRRP:£9.49
Safe Cosy Nesting Material Suitable For Birds Small Animals Etc. Made In Gb...
Login for priceRRP:£2.39
Diatomaceous Earth is a 100% natural product, prepared from the fossilised remains of ancient shell ..
Login for priceRRP:£11.49
The Liberta Arizona cage is suitable for Budgies, Finches, Canaries, Cockatiels and other similar si..
Login for priceRRP:£44.99
Endorsed by the World Parrot Trust. The Liberta Gama White cage is suitable for Small Parrots, e.g...
Login for priceRRP:£89.95
The Liberta Lotus cage is suitable for Finches, Budgies, Cockatiels and other similar sized birds. T..
Login for priceRRP:£44.99
The Rainforest Cages Santa Monica white cage is suitable for Cockatiels, Small Parrots, e.g. Senegal..
Login for priceRRP:£49.99
The Rainforest Cages San Luis Black cage is suitable for Budgies, Finches, Cockatiels, Canaries and ..
Login for priceRRP:£32.99