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A beautifully crafted & hand painted garden ground bird feeder. The delicate white and pink shades o..
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The Heritage Seed Feeder is a strong & stylish 32cm feeder which holds 450g of our Superior Seed Mix..
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Help Keep Your Lawn Or Patio Clear From Dropped Food And Husks With A Feeder Tray. Can Also Be Used ..
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The Essentials Range Squirrel Baffle is a simple yet effective solution where squirrels present a ch..
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To co-ordinate with the Heritage Collection we have carefully selected a 4 Prong Stabiliser to work ..
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Challenger Feeders Share Many Of The Same Features As The Defender Range, But Owing To The Plastic R..
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Wild Bird Cleaning Brush Ideal For Cleaning All Types Of Wild Bird Feeders And Accessories. It Is Re..
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Roosting and shelter for all small birds providing essential protection on cold nights to preserve b..
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New Supa Seed Feeder Tray. This Seed Feeder Tray Is Designed To Fit Several Feeders In The Supa Rang..
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Cage Seed Feeders Wild Bird Cage Seed Feeder Is Designed To Prevent Squirrels And Also Larger Birds ..
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High Capacity Conquerortm Feeders Are Ideal For Gardens With Large Bird Populations Or If You'Re Goi..
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This Small Peanut Feeder Guardian Holds The 20Cmcm Peanut Feeder Inside The Feeder Guardian Resistin..
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Protect The Birds Feeding In Your Garden. Made From Powder-Coated Mild Steel, Ground Guards Are Supp..
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A sleek contemporary feeder in cool grey that has an easy to open lid and is simple to clean. Filled..
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The Three Arm Feeding Station is part of Henry Bell's Essential Range. It comes with 3 feeder hook..
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A beautifully crafted decorative & hand painted garden stake bird feeder. The vibrant red shades of ..
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This hanging table has an FSC pine frame with a mesh centre. This hanging bird table is ideal for ga..
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This High Capacity Seed Feeder Has 10 Feeding Ports And Holds Approximately 1.25Kg Of Seed...
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The Daily Goodness Nugget Feeder Has A Solid Build Structure Offering A Longer Lifespan Than Regular..
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A single chamber quality roosting box for bats...
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For Greater Flexibility, Mount Defender Or Challenger Feeders Onto A Garden Pole. Made From Heavy-D..
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The Silver Birch Log Is Ideal For Those Who Prefer A More Natural Look. The 32Mm Hole Is Suitable Fo..
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Burgess Feeder Red Admiral..
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Feeding Time Starter Nut Feeder Small..
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The Supa Ground Feeder Table Is A Neat And Hygienic Solution To Ground Feeding Wild Birds. The Table..
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The Heritage Suet Cake Feeder is a strong & stylish heavy duty 16cm feeder which holds 1 of our Henr..
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A beautifully crafted decorative & hand painted garden stake bird feeder. The delicate purple and pi..
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This metal Hios feeder is designed to be hung against a wall. It is ideal for feeding Peanuts and Su..
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East To Fit, Simply Roll Back The Lid And Fill.The Roll Top Can Be Used As A Feed Scoop.Seed Ports C..
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This Fat Ball Guardian Can Hold The Complete Range Of Fat Balls, Peanut Cake Squares And Peanut Cake..
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Henry Bell's Elegance Collection Sloping Roof Open Box features a square opening to encourage robins..
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Another Great Value Product Exclusively From Cjs. The Seed Feeder Includes A Unique Folding Perch De..
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Defender Seed Feeders Are Tough, Long-Lasting And Offer Excellent Protection From Squirrel Damage. U..
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Rustic, Natural Feeders Are Realistically Priced For Volume Sellers.Quality Craftsmanship Throughout..
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This Transparent Plastic Window Feeder Ensures Birds Are Visible From Every Direction. This Feeder H..
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Hopper Feeders For Seed & Seed Mixes. Strong, Lightweight Metal Construction To Protect Against Squ..
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Ornamental Stainless Steel Feeder Used To Hold Peanuts For Wild Birds. Innovative Design With Secure..
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A beautifully hand crafted & painted Pansy bird bath & bird feeder that is perfect for gifting. The ..
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This Popular And Cost Effective Feeder Is Ideal For Use With Our Peanut Cake Squares. Made From Mild..
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Wild Bird Cage Peanut Feeder Wild Bird Cage Peanut Feeder Is Designed To Prevent Squirrels And Also ..
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