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alcott is the signature brand of US based Pet Adventures Worldwide (PAW), Inc. Formerly known as flexi USA they are providing dog enthusiasts around the world with great products from brands like alcott, doggo, Uncle Ulrick's, Guilty Dog and more. With over 30 years in the pet industry, the knowledgeable team designs and develops products that offer pets and their owners safety, convenience or fun (or a combination thereof).

With their new branch just on the outskirts of Hamburg, Germany, they are now open for European business and ready to serve specialty stores throughout the UK. At conditions that are competitive and a quality you can trust.

Make sure to check out their signature alcott RETRACTABLE LEADS at Given their background, you know what to expect from their retractable leads: Features your customers want, a premium quality backed by a two-year limited warranty and attractive consumer pricing.


Alcott is a delightfully curious dog that loves to spend time with his human and he's on a mission to turn dog walking from an ordinary chore into an extraordinary adventure.

He is a joyful reminder that every walk [whether it starts in anticipation or drudgery] is open to all sorts of possibilities. You never know when a few small steps will turn into a great adventure!

But Alcott is more than just a cute dog… he's a retailer's dream.

Our goal is to re-energize one of the most basic [and most popular] activities among dogs and their owners: taking a walk together. Along the way, we will delight and inspire dog lovers everywhere with multi-platform marketing initiatives that will grow the travel related pet products and your sales.

When dog walking becomes an adventure infused with new possibilities, a door is open for new gear to support and enrich that experience. This new gear can be the basis for an entirely new section in your store, one that will generate significant revenue for you.

With your support of this unique program, we believe dog walking will experience a real renaissance. Your consumers will appreciate the Alcott way of life and become a part of our community of fanatics.

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