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The PlexiDor security plate is a great tool for securing the home, and for signalling to pets that the pet door is closed. The PlexiDor sliding tracks with flip lock makes mounting the security plate a breeze. The tracks attach to the dog door’s interior frame, and the security plate slides down to its optimal position. Fasten the plate with the handy flip lock, and it’s done. The PlexiDor sliding tracks are made of strong and durable aluminium that matches the pet door’s frame. They are available in silver, white, or bronze, in sizes medium, large, or extra-large. Hardware for track installation is included, but not the security plate itself. The plate is delivered with the dog door. The smallest door does not have a security plate, because it’s too small for a person to get through.

== Features==

Included aluminium tracks screw into interior frame.

Flip Lock feature secures steel plate.

Accepts steel security plate included with MD, LG and XL Door and Wall units.

Single Unit Spec
Product Barcode 856853003510
Product Details Large
Product Weight N/A
Product Colour Bronze
Originally based in Surrey, Pet Products began to import the PlexiDor Performance Pet Doors in 1994. They've recognised right from the very beginning that these were the “ultimate” pet doors and vastly superior to anything else available in the UK. PlexiDors do not require costly replacement flaps and provide maximum energy efficiency. Each unit comes with a lock and key, and steel security plate.

PlexiDor Performance Pet Doors are professionally engineered and manufactured from quality materials to be the very best: quiet, energy-efficient, completely secure, long lasting, and most importantly safe and easy for pets to use. Unique twin PlexiDor panels open both ways with a gentle push, just like a saloon door, and close automatically without banging.

Pet Products, and the subsidiary Pet Doors UK, are the exclusive UK importers of the PlexiDor range and have extensive knowledge of the product and significant experience of shipping them to UK and Europe, as well as farther afield.

Now based in Angus, north east Scotland, they are still a family owned and run business primarily as a mail order supplier, though they attend a small number of pet shows each year, such as Crufts.

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