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Be:Vegan Pet Shampoo Bar
by Dog Rocks
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Perfect for dogs with problem skin, this shampoo balm soothes and calms flare ups with a blend of naturally calming ingredients, including vegan hemp and chamomile. Whether it’s dry and itchy dandruff flare ups or eczema and rosacea, this 100% natural formula will alleviate symptoms and make bath time a pleasure for everyone.

Extensively tested on humans. If its not good enough for us, its not good enough for our pets. Free from parabens and MIT. Packaging and plastic free

Ingredients : hemp, chamomile & lavender extracts, helichrysm, follicle boosters and botanicals

Single Unit Spec
Product Barcode 0745114345622
Product Details 5x4x2 cms
Product Weight 50mg
Food & Treats
Ingredients Hemp, Chamomile & Lavender extracts, Helichrysm, Follicle boosters and botanicals
Dog Rocks placed in your dog's water bowl are an 100% natural and hassle free solution to urine burn patches on your lawns and shrubs from your loving pet taking a pee.
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