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Christmas Cracker | Phileas Dogg
by Phileas Dogg - OFF
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A fun completely edible Christmas Cracker, the perfect gift from Santapaws!


Single Unit Spec
Product Barcode 8265229652542
Product Details N/A
Product Weight N/A
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Case Spec
Identical unit per case 6
At Phileas Dogg we pride ourselves on the quality and uniqueness of the products we discover
from around the world, we recognise the importance for the retailer to stock brands that have
a strong identity and bring something a little different to their store.
We are predominately a distribution company offering a friendly, personnel service to all retailers, Great and Small!

Each of our exclusive brands (High lighted with an exclusive Gold Paw print) has gained recognition and is highly regarded within its native country either for innovation, environmental support, welfare solution, distinctive design and in some cases all of the mentioned!

To coin a phrase from Organic Oscar, one of our brands, we believe it’s not what we do, but why!

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