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Itchy Skin Complex Granuals 150g | Diet Dog
by Diet Dog
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Itchy Skin Complex is a powerful natural aid to itchy skin, seasonal irritation/itch, hair loss, bold patches, sore patches, and redness. It helps improve skin and coat condition, and reduce itching and scratching. Its clever formula rich in fish peptides (amino acids promoting healthy skin and hair), wild pansy and horsetail  recognized as beneficial to support the circulatory system and the blood supply to the skin promote healthy skin, coat and claws, dandelion to help flush toxins and impurities from the skin, seaweeds, high in Iodine, to help with general skin condition and provide nutritional aid to skin and coat, biotin (plays an important role in maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails/claws), essential minerals including zinc (to encourage skin hydration and cell regeneration) and manganese, fumitory, garlic with its antioxidant, cleansing and soothing skin properties, nettle (has been shown to help  skin irritations) and milk thistle contains active compounds that help soothe and calm itchy skin and seasonal irritation ,encourage hair growth and relieve pets from scratching.

== Features==

Improves skin & coat condition.

Stops pets from scratching.

Soothes and calms itchy skin and seasonal irritation.

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We make natural nutritional supplements and holistic skin and paw care products for dogs and cats. Diet' Dog is a family owned company which was incorporated 16 years ago in the east of France and is a phyto-nutrition and phyto-care specialist for dogs and cats. Our products have been developed by a vet and an animal nutritionist and are based on the principles of phytotherapy and aromatherapy to help with dogs and cats everyday conditions. All our high quality products are 100% natural and made with super food, seaweeds, plant extracts, herbs and whole food. We use minimal processing methods such as freeze-drying at (minus) - 40 to prepare our tasty supplements to ensure that all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals of the ingredients are preserved. All our products are approved, stocked and recommended in the UK by a holistic vet, Richard Allport.

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