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Harkers Harkamitex 140ml | Petlife International Ltd
by Petlife International Ltd
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Harkamitex is a concentrated insecticide which when diluted with water and applied liberally to all pigeon loft surfaces will eradicate red mite and other insect pests from the loft. Harkamitex is available in a 140ml bottle which when diluted makes 9 litres of solution. This makes Harkamitex highly economical and it can therefore be applied liberally with a brush or sprayer to ensure the solution seeps into cracks and crevices. Harkamitex will continue to work for several weeks after application.

Single Unit Spec
Product Barcode 5029063001125
Product Details 5 x 5 x 13cm
Product Weight 165g
Product Colour N/A
Food & Treats
Ingredients N/A
Flavor N/A
Pet Life Stage N/A
Storage Information N/A
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Identical unit per case N/A
Case Barcode N/A
Case Dimensions N/A
Case Weight N/A
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CTN Details N/A
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Suitable Breeds Not specified
Petlife International Ltd was formed in 1993 as a result of a management buyout of Vetbed Animal Care and Harkers Ltd from Grampian Pharmaceutical. Since then we have continued to grow our business through the strength of our original brands, and the addition of new and exciting products. Our own brands include the Original Vetbed, the Harkers range of healthcare and hygiene products for racing pigeons, and Otodex Eardrops. We are sole UK distributors of Oxbow feeds, treats and supplements for small herbivores, the Pet + Me range of multifunctional grooming products for dogs and cats, and Wonder Pigeon, a unique feed supplement for racing and show pigeons. We pride ourselves on delivering great customer service, coupled with a growing and innovative product range that you - our customer - demand.

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