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MONDIAL - A collection especially thought out to support your favorite team during the 2018 FIFA World Cup! Nylon cat collar with the colors of France. Bell and easy to fasten. Anti-strangling system.
Single Unit Spec
Product Barcode 3380350311641
Product Weight 0
Product Colour Blue
Canifrance is first and foremost a highly experienced stylist-design office that works in harmony with its own saddlers and designers backed by 70 years of expertise.

They are all professionals who are passionate about their job; they work together in our offices and workshops in the Hauts de France. Their passion above all serves the well-being and happiness of the dogs and cats with their owners.

Each family, each collection, each range and each product is decided on, thought out, designed and tested before becoming available for you. Henceforth, we also make this expertise available to you to create your exclusive collections, to suit your taste.

For your greatest satisfaction, for your customer's and for the happiness of their canine or feline companion.

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