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Brand: Teds Pantry
Dental Bites Bag 100g Archy's Cuisine
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Archy & Nelly's Dental Bites are similar to our Rice & Beef Sandwich Stix. Both are totally digestible treats that fight plaque and tartar. The main differences with these Dental Bites are that they contain Sweet Potato instead of Beef, and have a touch of Chlorophyll to improve doggy breath. Most dogs love to chew, but finding a chew treat that your pet will always love is almost impossible. At Cosmo Pet, we offer a wide variety of chews for different purposes. Browse our other dental chews from both the Archy & Nelly brand and from Vegepet.

Single Unit Spec
Product Barcode 5425039307152
Product Details L 204mm * W140mm ,68mm
Product Weight 100
Food & Treats
Ingredients Rice flour 50%, Pregelatinized corn starch 45%, Chlorophyll 0.05%, Sweet potato powder, Titanium dioxide, Vegetable glycerine
Case Spec
Identical unit per case 50
Case Dimensions 44*33*17cm
Case Weight 5.0999999999999996
Living the vegetarian lifestyle? Let your pet see your abiding commitment as you introduce plant-based foods--at least for their treats! Dogs and cats already love what nature grows outdoors, but common grasses do not provide them with all their necessary nutrients and fiber. With tasty ingredients like sweet potatoes, green tea, kelp, spinach and peanuts (yes, peanuts are safe), your dog or cat will be able to join you in knowing that everything good to eat isn't always about meat.
Archy and Nelly Cousine
Archy and Nelly are our very own pets. Even though their nutritional needs are vastly different from each other, together they have inspired us to develop what is best for them at different times of their all-too-short lives. Whether puppy, kitten, adult or senior pet, you can rest assured the Archie & Nelly brand considers individualized needs based on age, size, personality and the home-life circumstances.

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