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WAP 2 Tick ointment | WAP dog care products
by WAP dog care products
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WAP 2 Tick ointment is 100% natural and an effective solution to prevent the
infestations from ticks and spirits parasites. A plant-based alternative with
sustainably grown ingredients without pesticides. Kinder both to the dog,
people in its surroundings and nature.  The unique combination of ingredients
is toxic to ticks and other vermin. WAP2 Tick ointment affects their general
state in several ways. Proven effect. Created with nature and the dog's active
life as a great inspiration.

From the age of 12 weeks.

WAP 2 Tick ointment is applied between the dog’s shoulder blade and a piece above the tail root, every two weeks. Separate some of the fur and apply the
ointment as close to the skin as possible. Direct effect. The particles then spread
in the dog’s fur and fat layers and create effective protection.
Case Spec
Identical unit per case 9

Responsibly produced in Skane, Sweden. Natural and organic. As all best friends, your dog deserves some extra love and care. We never compromise when it comes to the purity of our ingredients. With inspiration from the dog's active life in nature. Ocean waves outside our office. Skane's mix of hilly nature and flat fields. From that we have created our three new products, all to give more than one product to your dog. A feeling, a function and a design. WAP was founded in early 2018 and has developed well-proven and unique dog care products for a long time. In March 2019, WAP was launched on the market. We believe that the feature is number one but we also look at the design of the products and think it is important. These innovative products are created with minimal waste and environmental impact. Together with our customers, a band of specialists, dogs and adventurers, we are pushing the boundaries of how dog care products are manufactured. Each ingredient in WAPs products is produced under the best possible conditions. We have full control in every production route. We believe that we have a responsibility to create Premium products that nurture our dogs and the environments we live in. We work with three SDG global goals.
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