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Care and cosmetics are the main purposes of the product. Prevention and repelling external parasites and insects such as: fleas, mosquitoes, midges are the additional functions of the product. To be used on young animals from 5th month of age and weakened or delicate adult animals MAX Płyn helps prevents ectoparasites and insects from invading habitats of animals (e.g. cages, beds). Supports antimicrobial, antimycotic and puryfing activity.

Single Unit Spec
Product Barcode 5901431000278
Product Details 22 x 4 cm
Product Weight 230g
Product Colour Colourless
Case Spec
Identical unit per case 12
Case Dimensions 21 x 21,5 x 12 cm
Case Weight 2,90kg
We are the Polish manufacturer of high quality, natural-based pet care products with 20 years of experience.
Supreme is our top line of premium quality, gentle care products based on herbal essences. Pets’ comfort and safety are the highest priorities: these products do not contain SLS/SLES, harmful parabens, added colorants or fragrances.
Fafi is our basic most popular and accessible line. Effective and easy to use, quality to price is attractive. These products are also often chosen because of their pleasant herbal aroma (also proven to repel ectoparasites).

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