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Brain Games for Dogs Card Deck
by Calm Dog Games
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Add fun, interest and enrichment to your best friend’s day while developing positive behaviours such as calmness, confidence and connection with you. Ideal for keeping your dog entertained!

How does this work? Our card deck puts 52 brain games and enrichment activities into the palm of your hand in a quick, easy and thinking-free format (yay headspace), helping you achieve a more relaxed, chilled and calm household – all within a few minutes a day.

- Helps build your dog’s responsiveness to you in increasingly distracting environments.
- Strengthens your relationship through working together.
- Boosts their confidence and motivation levels.
- Reinforces positive behaviours such as calmness.
- Target key issues such as loose leash walking, recall, toy sharing, retrieval & focus

Especially good for dogs who are: High energy | Highly intelligent | Busy-bodies | Get bored easily | Low confidence | Lack focus & recall
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Helping you create a more relaxed, chilled out and calm household through playing brain games and enrichment activities with your dog.

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