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Mr Johnson's Supreme Hamster & Gerbil Mix 900g | PACK OF 6 | Mr Johnsons
by Vital Pet Group Ltd
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Mr Johnson'S Supreme Hamster And Gerbil Food Is A Fibrous, Nutritious And Wholesome Blend Of Cereals, Fruit, Vegetables, Seeds, Nuts, Mealworms, Pellets And Extrusions - Supplying Hamsters And Gerbils With A Tasty, Healthy Food In A Variety Of Textures To Encourage The Natural Foraging Instinct And Helping In Essential Dental Wear. Recipe Contains Added Verm-X® For Intestinal Health. This Delicious Hamster & Gerbil Mix Has A Fruity Aroma. Feeding The Correct Diet To Your Hamster Or Gerbil Is Essential For Maintaining Good Health. Mr Johnson’S Supreme Hamster And Gerbil Food Is A Complementary Feed And Should Be Fed Together With Suitable Fresh Fruit And Vegetables. Fresh Clean Water Should Always Be Available.
Single Unit Spec
Product Details 900g
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