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PetDreamHouse Interactive Feeding System

PetDreamHouse Interactive Feeding System

Eating the same food from the same bowl every day can become a snooze. PetDreamHouse Interactive Feeding System was invented to include a range of feeders and accessories which turn meals into fun and interactive feeding games. Not only it reduces the potential risk of eating too fast, but also the challenging games excise your dog’s mind and keep them entertained.

The PAW Family

The PAW Family contains a divided food tray and a lick pad which is perfect for everyday use. Made with BPA-Free food-grade materials, this range offers so much fun and variations for mixed feeding.

Prepare a healthy and delicious meal with your own special recipe!

Multi-pockets plate slows the consumption of food and treats to help prevent bloating

Licking helps reduce anxiety of dogs and gives feeling of comfort

Keep your dog entertained during bath or shower time by sticking the pad to the side of the tub!

Food Grade Material, BPA-FREE, PVC-FREE, Dishwasher Safe (Top Rack), Freezer Friendly.

The 2-in-1 combo turns meal into a fun feeding game!

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