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Cats love the four spring mounted mice which move in all directions. The mice make a rattle noise wh..
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A combination of a catnip toy and the irresistible feel of corrugated scratchers that cats love. Thi..
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Felt / Polyester, with catnip, assorted colours== Features==Cat Toy Totem,black 7 cm Cat toyassorted..
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The KONG Feather Teaser is designed for interactive play, and each toy contains KONG Premium North A..
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Plush / Catnip, bear with catnip for refilling, with velcro fastener== Features==Cat Toy plush bear ..
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Polyester, mat with plush trim, with toy, with button and tab to also use as a tunnel, hand wash== F..
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Silicon/Plastic, stimulates the play instinct, flashes when moved== Features==Cat toy Famy 43 cm Cat..
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Polyester, can be adjusted in either its straight or curved form== Features==Cat tube "by Laura" 27x..
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animating crackles promotes play, contains catnip, unsorted colours== Features==Cat toy KONG Hemp Fr..
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emits crackling noises, stimulates the play instinct, unsorted colours== Features==Cat toy KONG Conn..
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with Catnip== Features==Cat toy Mamou Fish Cat toyyellow, 12cm ..
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A classic loved by cats of all ages and sizes our MOP cat scratching post is made with a natural sis..
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Catnip / Starch, pressed north american premium catnip for really great fun== Features==Cat Toy Catn..
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The Corduroy Mouse Refillable catnip toy utilises top quality, natural North American catnip. KONG r..
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Polyester / Cotton, washable at 30°C, with crinkling noises, straight or curved shape possible (play..
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A pole lotta fun! The Magic Wand comes in 4 different styles. Replacement feathers are available and..
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Polyester, with catnip, with opening for filling the toy with catnip== Features==Cat toy KONG Refill..
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Polyester/Cotton, polyester filling== Features==Cat toy Kerikeri Butterfly Cat toy9 cm ..
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Material mix, with catnip== Features==Cat Toy Plush Mouse, 10 cm Cat toyblack, with Catnip ..
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The Gor Pets' Criss Cross signiture scratcher has a great sturdy structure. 2 tall sisal scratch pos..
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Cats love Catnip filled String Dolls! Cats have always loved to play, pounce and chase ball of strin..
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The blend of textures on the KONG CuteSeas toys tempt cats to play. The soft plush body invites snug..
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Cats will be drawn to the unique texture of the Cat BraidZ which is soft, stretchy and strong to sta..
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KONG Cat Playground entices cats with a Premium Catnip toy and tempting ball, promoting healthy exer..
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Toss the KONG Scrattles in the air and watch your cat pounce and chase it. The irresistible texture ..
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KONG Tri-Fun offers dogs three ways to play, so boredom is never an option. Ideal for interactive or..
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The hidden compartment on the Turtle lets you add fresh catnip to make the toy play like new. Includ..
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Kong Cat Wubba Wicker..
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Plastic ball with integrated cotton wick, which can be sprinkled with the included catnip drops (mad..
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The KONG Cat Wubba Boa’s enticing feathers delight cats’ playful desires while fulfilling their natu..
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made of extremely robust natural rubber, can be filled with treats, stimulates the play instinct== F..
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Polyester, with catnip== Features==Cat Toy Elroy Cat toyBird ..
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Cats will love these fishy polyester catnip toys with interactive feathers and internal crinkles to ..
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Plastic / Metal, practical LED blinker with carabiner, waterproof, visible up to about 15-20 m (depe..
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animating bell sound, easy on the teeth== Features==KONG Cat Tennis Balls with Bells Cat toy ..
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Bubble cat is so much fun for cats, blow bubbles high into the air and watch your cat chase, jump an..
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The Gor Pets Venice scratcher has an elegant yet practical design, with thick robust tube and carpet..
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Gor Pets' Cushy scratcher offers a comfortable resting place for cats on a raised platform. The stur..
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The soft plush Snake Teaser tempts the natural hunting instincts of the indoor cat. The Snake Teaser..
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Kickeroo is filled with generous amounts of potent catnip. This snuggly toy is great for active play..
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