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About Us

Here at PetDreamHouse, we are passionate about innovation. From product development to product reviews, from B2B Marketplace to family-owned factory support, our goal is to create a platform that turns innovative dreams into reality in a convenient and cost-effective way.
  • Have you ever experienced searching through stacks of catalogues, visiting multiple websites for products sourcing, or repeatedly submitting applications and waiting for responses?

    If you are looking for reliable UK wholesale pet product suppliers, from whom you can source a large variety of pet products all in one place - then look no further. PetDreamHouse is a free service connecting pet trade specialists to suppliers. As one of the largest trade-only wholesale pet supplies platform in the UK, we have a product selection from industry–top names to unique independent brands to ensure we offer you the widest choice possible.

    We continually add new products. Thus our range of products is constantly growing, allowing you to get the unique, latest, and best pet supplies available. The best part? Not only can you browse through the Marketplace, but also you can purchase from multiple suppliers with just a single checkout. In the business environment, we recognise that easy and convenient ordering is an absolute must.

    How it works
    PDH Trade Account
    1. 24/7 access to one of the largest pet product wholesale databank

    2. Convenient sourcing with advanced filter system

    3. Purchase from multiple vendors with a simple one-click checkout

    4. Receive shipment directly from manufacturer

    Selling with us

    1. Building company brand awareness

    2. Listing full range to the UK pet trade specialists

    3. Fastest way of introducing new products

    4. Mass production support by PetDreamHouse Factory

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  • Eating too fast is unhealthy for dogs and may cause digesting issues, but an over-challenging meal may also annoy them!

    Our Mission

    PetDreamHouse PAW IFS was invented to provide fun and interactive feeding experience at various levels for your four-legged family members, so that they will never get bored or annoyed again. All our products are made with FDA approved, toxic-free materials at human standards.

    PetDreamHouse PAW IFS includes a PAW shape feeder and various functional accessories. The feeder alone is a slow feeding plate and can offer additional feeding options when used with other functional parts. For example, our newly launched PAW Pad is a licking accessory, which encourages active licking and keeps the pets calm.

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  • PetDreamHouse factory is the upstream supply chain solution supporting our home brand and the marketplace users.

    We have launched the PetDreamHouse Factory by taking direct control of a manufacturing plant in China. The purpose is to solve the increasing made-in-China challenges of poor quality products and mis-communication issues. It is specialized in resin-related product manufacturing, supplying top quality plastic & rubber children toys to European clients under the latest ISO 9001:2015 standard.

    Our home brand products are exclusively made by PDH factory. The Marketplace users can also take advantage of guaranteed quality mass production. The service we offer including: fully customizable OEM/ODM, product cost estimation, international logistics solution.