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Benevo Biodegradable Poop Bags (6x120 bags)
by Vegeco
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Made from a sustainable and eco-friendly cornstarch base, these certified compostable poop bags are literally as green as you can get!

Unlike most plastic bags which are fossil based and don't degrade and degradable bags which fall apart into million of particles in the soil, our biodegradable poop bags are truly compostable.They can be added to your home compost but considering the contents we recommend you compost them elsewhere.

8 rolls of 15 means 120 bags per box.

The box they come in uses recycled card and water based inks so they’re 100% recyclable. Benevo is an award winning, independent family company run by veggies and approved by Peta for not testing on animals. Benevo has an ethical company score of 100/100.

'Benevo - Animal friendly animal foods'.

Single Unit Spec
Product Barcode 5060130540604
Product Details 13.5cm x 6.5cm x 6.5cm
Product Weight ~379g
Case Spec
Identical unit per case 6
Case Barcode 5060130540659
Case Dimensions 15cm x 15.5cm x 22cm
Case Weight ~2411g
Suitable For
Suitable Breeds All
"Originally established in 2003 as Vegecommerce and incorporated in 2006 as Vegeco Ltd.

Our company philosophy is that we can enable people to make the changes in their diet and lifestyle, not by campaigning, but by providing real solutions. At the heart of our ethics is an awareness of people, animals and the environment. We began our business with a simple set of rules - to do business in a fair, open and honest way and only work with companies that do the same. We have a collaborative approach to our projects and business partners where mutual gain is a key objective."

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