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Go Away! Fleas and Ticks Granuals 150g | Diet Dog
by Diet Dog
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Go Away! Fleas & Ticks is an all natural effective flea, tick and harvest mite repellent containing a specially formulated blend of key plants well known for their anti-flea, tick and harvest mites properties including eucalyptus, lavender, lemongrass, ledum palustre, nutmeg, basil and garlic. This powerful combination of plants discourages insects from approaching dogs and cats. As a natural supplement, Go Away! Fleas & Ticks gently works internally to ward off unwanted hitchhikers.

== Features==

naturally repels fleas, ticks and harvest mites

free of chemicals

gentle on dogs and cats

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Product Details 150g
Product Weight 150g
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Brand Diet Dog
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Suitable Breeds All Breeds
We make natural nutritional supplements and holistic skin and paw care products for dogs and cats. Diet' Dog is a family owned company which was incorporated 16 years ago in the east of France and is a phyto-nutrition and phyto-care specialist for dogs and cats. Our products have been developed by a vet and an animal nutritionist and are based on the principles of phytotherapy and aromatherapy to help with dogs and cats everyday conditions. All our high quality products are 100% natural and made with super food, seaweeds, plant extracts, herbs and whole food. We use minimal processing methods such as freeze-drying at (minus) - 40 to prepare our tasty supplements to ensure that all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals of the ingredients are preserved. All our products are approved, stocked and recommended in the UK by a holistic vet, Richard Allport.

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