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SmartBarf Vegetable, seed and fruit mix 14 packs (MAX 28 packs per one order)| SmartBarf
by Smart Barf UK
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SmartBarf™ is a 100% natural source of minerals, vitamins and nutrients from over 50 different seeds, nuts, fruits, berries, vegetables, pulses and herbs. All the ingredients are carefully selected for maximum nutritional benefit, to create a healthy balanced diet for your dog. SmartBarf™ is already mixed and packaged, and has a long shelf life, all for your convenience and to save you time and money. Just add water and serve with meat.

  • 30% of SmartBarf is made up of prebiotic-rich foods
    • Apple  |  Asparagus  |  Banana  |  Broccoli  |  Cabbage  |  Carob  |  Cashews  |  
    • Chickpeas  |  Chicory  |  Flax  |  Kale  |  Pears  |  Peas  | Seaweed  |  Tomatoes
  • What are prebiotics, you might ask?
    • Prebiotics are fibre-rich foods (oligosaccharides eg FOS, GOS, TOS, inulin) that are mostly digested by gut bacteria.
  • What benefits do we see from gut bacteria fed on good sources of oligosaccharides?
    •  The release of nutrients and by-products that protect and nourish their hosts and even affect their mental well-being. 
      • inhibits the activity of pathogens.
      • promotes the activity of beneficial bacteria.
      • protects from the risk of mineral deficiencies by helping to improve mineral absorption.
      • lowers the secretion of stress hormones.

== Features==

100% Natural

Functional food

long shelf life

For raw fed dogs

Single Unit Spec
Product Barcode N/A
Product Details 500g net
Product Weight 550g gross
Product Colour N/A
Food & Treats
Ingredients All
Flavor Herbal
Pet Life Stage cool and dark
Storage Information over 50 plants
Case Spec
Identical unit per case 14
Case Weight 9kg
Brand SmartBarf
Suitable For
Suitable Breeds All
UK Manufacturer, Has been manufacturing functional food blends for raw fed dogs since 2007
NOTE: TRADE Purchases are limited to 2 per order.

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