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Broad Reach Nature + Relax and Calm Care (50 caps) | Broadreach Nature Plus
by Broadreach Nature+
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MAIN BENEFITS:- Broadreach Nature + Relax and Calm care is a new advanced formula which combines an unparralleled range of ingredients which are thought to promote calming and reduce anxiety 1) They can be used when your pet is most likely to experience instances of stress such as travel, kennel stays, vets visits, grooming, separation anxiety, show events and mild anxiety disorders. The ingredients include L-Tryptophan which has been shown to increase levels of seratonin, L-Theanine , Calcium and Magneisum which are essential in maintaining muscle function and nerve induction. Valerian extract and a range of B vitamins. Imbalances of these can lead to irritability and a predisposition to stress. All natural ingredients and manufactured in the UK in pharmaceutical grade facilities with GMP certification Using only human grade natural ingredients.

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Brand Broad Reach Nature Plus
In our pet’s lives things can happen, joint or hip problems, internal disorders , environmental issues outside of our control, recovering from an injury or operation, illnesses, allergies etc. This was why over the years I have had a very good relationship with Vets and Associated Professionals and it is through these contacts that I now have a range of what I believe is one of the best selections of Natural Pet Supplements (nutraceuticals) on the market. These products are not only Vet Approved but have actually been developed by or in conjunction with Vets. These products have been used in Vets across the UK for the last few years but only used in VETS and nowhere else.

This Brand of Pet Supplements called Broadreach Nature + are now available to the retail market for the first time. These are some of the most effective, potent formulas available for dogs and cats, already used in the Veterinary Sector and I am very excited to be able to offer them to you.

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