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Hardened Yak Milk Dog Chew Treat - Size Medium - Long Lasting - 100% Natural & Healthy - Himalayan Heritage
by Purple Bone
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Our hardened Yak milk dog chew is a proven favourite among thousands of dogs and their owners worldwide.

Your dog will work for hour intervals softening the extra long lasting chew to break off small enjoyable edible parts. Keeping them quiet and their interest maintained for prolonged periods of time.

** STRONG **
The chew is durable for all levels of chewers and much kinder on the teeth than horns or antlers.

Medium yak chews are a suitable size for many, from young teething puppies to those large breeds. Measuring 13cm Length. 2.5cm Width, 2cm Depth.

** 100% NATURAL **
Avoid upset bellies with our perfect alternative to rawhide. Purplebone Yak snacks are made of three natural ingredients: 99% yak (cow) milk & 0.1% lime and salt. Vegetarian; Free from Additives, Grain & Gluten & Hypoallergenic.

Milk chews are fantastic for the teeth helping fight against plaque and tartar. Rich in calcium to help keep bones healthy. Protein is also essential in helping your dog thrive daily.

Yak chews have a low scent profile compared to meat based chews. The subtle smokiness from the chew won't be intrusive to your home.

** TIPS **
Any leftover bits can be microwaved for 30 seconds to form popcorn sized bites. Cool them down and give back to your lucky pup.

Sourced from the Himalayan mountains, Yak treats date back centuries as human grade snacks, as chewed on by the Himalayan Nepalese people.

== Features==

A proven favourite among thousands of dogs

100% Natural

Extra Long Lasting

Healthy Milk Based Chew
Single Unit Spec
Product Details 1 Treat, 13cm Length. 2.5cm Width, 2cm Depth.
Product Weight 65g
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