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PetDreamHouse SPIN Interactive Feeder Spiral Grey with Twister Lid Lv3 Tricky
by PetDreamHouse
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Introducing the SPIN Feeder Range, an award-winning collection of interactive pet feeders that enhance mealtime for your pets. The SPIN series pairs base bowls with various spinners and tops, creating dynamic bowls that turn eating into a fun slow-feeding game. Made with food-grade materials, these products foster enrichment activities and mental stimulation during meals. The rotating spinners can be adjusted or fixed by tightening the top, offering customizable difficulty levels. The SPIN Feeder Range suits pets of all ages and sizes, ensuring a healthier and enjoyable dining experience.

Introducing the ultimate fusion of two challenging SPIN accessories: the SPIN Spiral and Twister Lid. This exceptional bowl design combines the intricacies of both elements, offering an extra demanding and captivating mealtime experience for your pets. The SPIN Spiral features a narrow, maze-like design that moves food in a dynamic, engaging manner, while the adjustable Twister Lid allows for customizable openings to suit your pet's skill level.

Interactive Slow Feeding: SPIN bowls incorporate unique designs that encourage sniffing, licking, and problem-solving, promoting slower eating habits and preventing choking, bloating, and excessively fast eating.

Customizable Challenge Levels: Featuring various interchangeable spinners and functional tops, the SPIN range allows for multiple configurations, offering adjustable difficulty levels to suit your pet's needs and keep them engaged during mealtime.

Food-grade Materials: Crafted with human food-grade materials, the SPIN range never compromise on quality or safety.

Easy to Clean: All SPIN bowls and accessories are top-rack dishwasher friendly, making clean-up a breeze and ensuring a hygienic feeding environment for your pets.

Single Unit Spec
Product Barcode 5060636431222
Product Details Ø25 x 6.5 cm ( handle 10cm)
Product Weight 690g
Product Colour Grey
Case Spec
Identical unit per case 8
Case Barcode 5060636431239
Case Dimensions 51.5 x 26.2 x 46.50 cm
Case Weight 7.86kg
Brand PetDreamHouse SPIN
FOB Information
CTN Details 0.063CBM/8pcs/CTN
PetDreamHouse design and manufacture distinctive pet products that prioritize the well-being of our beloved four-legged family members.

Our PAW/SPIN collection: a patented range of interactive feeders and interchangeable accessories that are designed with feeding enrichment in mind. By introducing varied levels of difficulty, our products not only promote better digestive health but also stimulate mental activity, ensuring a holistic well-being approach for pets.

Our focus to quality and innovation has garnered recognition on prestigious platforms. We are proud recipients of the WINNER title at UK PATS Dog Toys & Accessories in 2020 and were honored with 2nd place for dog products at the US Superzoo in 2021.

Trusted and loved by hundreds of thousands of pet owners around the world, we aim to provide high-quality, enjoyable products that enrich the lives of pets.

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