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by Leisuregrow Products Ltd
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The Outdoor Paws USB Rechargeable LED Ring Dog Collar is equipped with bright, energy-efficient LED lights that provide 360-degree illumination. Ensuring your dog is safe and seen. The collar is lightweight and adjustable from 30 - 65cm - cut to size. With three light settings in blue - fast flashing, flashing and constant light. Cycle through the on/off button to select the modes. Fully charged within 2 hours or less and can be used for approximatly 6 to 8 hours with flashing light and 2 to 3 hours with continuous light. How to resize your collar Collar resizing should only be carried out by an adult. 1. Unscrew either one of the screws and remove the clear tube from the hard plastic base. 2. Place the collar around your pet's neck and measure how much tubing you will need to cut, ensuring you can easily fit 2 fingers between the collar and your pet. Use a marker pen to mark the line to be cut. Carry out a test fit before cutting by holding the collar around your pet's neck and lining up your marked line to the raised ridge on the hard plastic base. 3. Take the collar off your pet's neck and cut the clear tube on your marked line with sharp scissors. 4. Reinsert the clear tube into the plastic base and push in for a tight fit, check the collar fits comfortably on your pet. If it is too loose repeat steps 2-3. Once the collar fits, replace the screw ensuring it is securely tightened. How to recharge your collar 1. Pull back the black rubber USB port cover on the back of the hard plastic base. 2. Take the USB cable and insert the smaller end into the port on the collar. 3. Insert the larger end of the USB cable into a computer USB port or compatible 5V 1A charging base. 4. IMPORTANT: Only use the included cable to recharge your LED Ring Collar and plug into a computer or a 5V 1A adaptor. Do not use a fast charging adaptor that has over 5V output . 5. Once connected to power, you'll see a red charging indicator light. 6. Once fully charged the red indicator light will go out. Disconnect the USB cable, the collar is ready to be used. How to turn on/off and select modes Press the ON/OFF button on the side of the plastic base and cycle through the lighting modes: 1. Fast flashing. 2. Slow flashing. 3. Constant light. 4. OFF.
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